Our vineyards, of about 1260 acres, rise towering on the hills of southern Moldova, in the wine region Valul lui Traian, an area with a favorable microclimate that dictates the quality of our grapes - rich in microelements and with a high degree of sugar. From there, in the vicinity of the Codrii Tigheciului nature reserve, the road of Apriori Wine begins.

Grape Varieties

We grow local and international grape varieties, and after we harvest them, the grapes arrive at the factory, where, thanks to modern equipment, the wine acquires its exceptional qualities. We create white, rose, sweet and dry wines, but also dry red wines kept in oak barrels, with the winery already having an impressive collection of premium quality matured wines.


The sparkling wines are produced according to Charmat technology, a well-known methodology widely used in Italy, including Martini sparkling wines. From a technological point of view, we separate ourselves in production, because all the ingredients used in the manufacture of sparkling wine are endogenous and of viticultural origin with residual sugar content (derived from grapes). Another strength of Apriori Wine is the complete exclusion of exogenous CO2.


Moreover, at the beginning of 2019, Apriori Wine became the first brand to launch a unique product on the market, 100% natural, sparkling wine with 7% alcohol vol., obtained by implementing contemporary technologies in the field of wine production, fermented until obtaining 7% alc. and with an endogenous residual sugar content of grape must.

Modern Equipment

We use modern Italian machinery with a bottling line with a capacity of 6000 bottles per hour. All of them, together with the mastery of our oenologists, help to create excellent wines, with pleasing aromas and fresh, distinguished taste.