Medals and Awards

The quality of Apriori Wine is shown by the multiple medals won at international competitions. We are proud of our awards at events such as Mundus Vini, Decanter, Asia Decanter Awards, etc. But, above all, stands the appreciation of our consumers, as we became one of the leaders of the local market.

1STILL WINESpecial Awards-Berliner Wine Trophy2020GermanyBEST PRODUCER
2SPARKLING WINEApriori Glera Alb Brut2018Mundus Vini2020GermanyGOLD
3SPARKLING WINEApriori Glera Alb Brut2018Berliner Wine Trophy2020GermanySILVER
4SPARKLING WINEApriori Glera Alb Brut2019Effervescents du Monde2020FranceSILVER
5SPARKLING WINEJ’Adore Cuvee Alb Brut2019Effervescents du Monde2020FranceSILVER
6STILL WINEApriori Empirico Rară Neagră & Malbec2019Mundus Vini 2020GermanyGOLD
7STILL WINEApriori Empirico Rară Neagră & Malbec2019Asia Wine Throphy2020KoreaGOLD
8STILL WINEApriori Empirico Saperavi2018Mundus Vini2020GermanyGOLD
9STILL WINEApriori Empirico Saperavi2018Berliner Wein Trophy2020GermanyGOLD
10STILL WINEMaestro Secret Blend2018Asia Wine Throphy2020KoreaSILVER
11STILL WINEMaestro Secret Blend2018Berliner Wein Trophy2020GermanyGOLD
12SPARKLING WINEApriori Glera Alb Brut2020Decanter World Wine Awards2020UKBRONZE
13STILL WINEApriori Cabernet Sauvignon & Saperavi2019Concours Selections Mondiales des Vins2020CanadaSILVER
14SPA65RKLING WINEApriori Merlot Rose Brut2020Effervescents du Monde2020FranceBRONZE
15STILL WINEMaestro Merlot2020Mundus Vini Spring Tasting2021GermanySILVER
16STILL WINEMaestro Merlot2020Frankfurt International Wine Trophy2021GermanyGOLD
17STILL WINEMaestro Cabernet Sauvignon2020Frankfurt International Wine Trophy2021GermanyGOLD
18STILL WINEApriori Empirico Feteasca Albă & Chardonnay2021Frankfurt International Wine Trophy2021GermanySILVER
19STILL WINEMaestro Cabernet Sauvigmom2020Berliner Wein Trophy Winter Tasting2021GermanyGOLD
20STILL WINEMaestro Secret Blend2021Berliner Wein Trophy Winter Tasting2021GermanyGOLD
21STILL WINEApriori Empirico Viorica & Glera2021Berliner Wein Trophy Winter Tasting2021GermanyGOLD
22STILL WINEApriori Feteasca Neagra2021International Wine & Spirit Competition2021UKBRONZE
23STILL WINEApriori Cabernet Sauvignon & Saperavi2021International Wine & Spirit Competition2021UKBRONZE
24STILL WINEApriori Merlot & Malbec2021International Wine & Spirit Competition2021UKBRONZE
25STILL WINEApriori Feteaca Albă2021International Wine & Spirit Competition2021UKBRONZE
26STILL WINEApriori Empirico Fetească Neagră & Ancellotta2020International Wine & Spirit Competition2021UKSILVER
27STILL WINEApriori Merlot & Malbec2021The International Wine Contest Bucharest2021RomaniaGOLD
28SPARKLING WINEApriori Merlot Rose Brut2021The International Wine Contest Bucharest2021RomaniaSILVER
29STILL WINEMaestro Merlot2020The International Wine Contest Bucharest2021RomaniaSILVER
30STILL WINEMaestro Cabernet Sauvignon2020The International Wine Contest Bucharest2021RomaniaGOLD
31SARKLING WINEJ’Adore Cuvee Alb Brut2020The International Wine Contest Bucharest2021RomaniaGOLD
32STILL WINEApriori Cabernet Sauvignon & Saperavi2021Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021BelgiumSILVER
33STILL WINEApriori Empirico Feteasca Neagra & Ancellotta2020Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021 BelgiumSILVER
34STILL WINEApriori Empirico Rara Neagră & Malbec2020Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021 BelgiumGOLD
35STILL WINEMaestro Secret Blend2021Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021BelgiumGOLD
36STILL WINEMaestro Merlot2020Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021BelgiumSILVER
37STILL WINEMaestro Cabernet Sauvignon2020Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021BelgiumSILVER
38SPARKLING WINEApriori Glera Alb Brut2020Concours Mondial Bruxelles2021BelgiumSILVER
39STILL WINEApriori Fetească Neagră2021Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
40STILL WINEApriori Merlot & Malbec2021Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
41STILL WINEApriori Merlot Rose Demisec2021Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
42STILL WINEApriori Empirico Fetească Neagră & Ancellotta2020Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
43STILL WINEApriori Empirico Saperavi2020Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
44STILL WINEMaestro Merlot2020Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
45STILL WINEMaestro Cabernet Sauvignon2020Decanter World Wine Awards2021UKBRONZE
46STILL WINEApriori Cabernet Sauvignon & Saperavi2019Asia Wine Trophy2021KoreaGOLD
47STILL WINEApriori Empirico Fetească Neagră & Ancellotta2019Asia Wine Trophy2021KoreaGOLD
48STILL WINEMaestro Secret Blend2019Asia Wine Trophy2021KoreaGOLD
49STILL WINEApriori Empirico Rară Neagră & Malbec2019Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal GOLD
50STILL WINEApriori Empirico Saperavi2018Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal GOLD
51STILL WINEApriori Empirico Merlot Rose2020Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal GOLD
52STILL WINEMaestro Chardonnay2019Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal GOLD
53STILL WINEApriori Fetească Neagră2019Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal GOLD
54STILL WINEApriori Merlot & Malbec2019Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal SILVER
55SPARKLING WINE Apriori Cuvee Alb Extra Brut2019Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal SILVER
56STILL WINEMaestro Secret Blend2019Portugal Wine Trophy2021Portugal SILVER