About us


The indisputable quality of Apriori Wine begins in the south of Moldova - Cantemir and Taraclia - along the Prut river and in the vicinity of the Codrii Tigheciului natural reserve, where grapes of the highest quality can be found, which, after being harvested with care, are turned, under the strict supervision of our talented oenologists, into the wine we are proud to share.

Our mission

In our wines, you can find fragments of our country, of real emotions and delight, just as, over the years, the most talented workers at Apriori Wine have not forgotten their origins, but have also continued to adapt to the standards of modern society. This antithesis is the advantage of the Apriori Wine company, which, combining old traditions with new recipes and new forms of expression, will give you wines of remarkable quality.


We are convinced that the authentic taste hides in details, perseverance and hard work, our mission is for you to identify with our wines, to live and feel together with us.

Eco-friendly Company

Over time, we have become more than just a wine company, aiming to support the most distinguished passions as well as the most innovative ideas. Concerned about the state of the environment, we have equipped ourselves with electric cars, thus becoming the first local eco-friendly wine company. In 2019, in order to raise public awareness and encourage a healthy lifestyle, we organized the first Eco Wine Marathon - a different wine season - where we picked grapes with the help of our electric cars.

Guinness World Records

We are extremely proud to have supported the sommelier Daniel Frumusache, who managed to open 49 bottles of Apriori Wine sparkling wine, using the sabrage method, in only 30 seconds, thus being inducted into Guinness World Records.

BEST PRODUCER MOLDOVA 2020 – Berliner Wein Trophy

A special distinction for us in 2020 was being honored with the title of BEST PRODUCER in the international competition Berliner Wein Trophy 2020.

A new format, a new way of life

We are not afraid to experiment or fight stereotypes. Sparkling wine is considered an elegant drink and is usually consumed only on special occasions, the Apriori Wine team set out to change that. We replaced the classic sparkling bottles with... metal cans - 100% natural, produced according to the Charmat method - comfortable, practical and refreshing!

Good wine comes in small doses

After the revolution on the local market, with sparkling wine in the format of a 250 ml can, we launched the first still dry wine in 250 ml metal cans. The new range contains 3 wines created from local varieties and represents a convenient and sustainable alternative compared to the classic wine bottle.


We admire innovative thinking, talent and hard work. We admire people who seek to excel, day in and day out, at their profession. We admire you, the ambassadors of Apriori Wine!